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At Gun Dog Whisperer, our goal is to give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to train your hunting dog yourself.

The Advanced Gun Dog Training Methods At Gun Dog Whisperer!

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You may have seen most of the other methods of gun dog training which lay more emphasis on pressure, obedience and repetition. But we lay more focus on co operation and achieve success through it. At our gun dog training, the dogs are automatically trained for being steady and fast. It is sort of training for their brains and some of the abilities are possessed by them from birth.

Another important thing is that in general, the dogs or the predator dogs are not co operative for helping others or for benefits of the others. They just don’t think it in that way. But they will have to learn to co operate with others for becoming successful. Now, for example if they are present with a pack of dogs and are sent out working with the hunter for getting a bird, then they have to co operate with the other dogs and work together for being successful. In fact, they will have to do everything possible to bring the bird and give their hundred per cent every time they are sent on work.

Why You Should Trust Gun dog training methods at Gun Dog Whisperer

At Gun Dog Whisperer, the dogs are trained according to their psychology and they are trained properly according to their psychology. They show their mental understanding for stopping flush, being steady for wing, being steady for shot, being steady for killing, etc. At Gun Dog Whisperer, we promote gun dog training with no pressure from any verbal commanding or any kinds of electric collars that are used nowadays for training. It helps to make the dog more trained and he can take decisions and understand the hunting process in a better way. After the training, he can bring the birds when sent to ground.

We train the dogs with through knowledge of what they should do and what they shouldn’t. They are not trained with pressure or too much obedience. In that way, the training remains incomplete. Instead, they are trained to understand themselves what are the right things to follow and what they should not do. The dog, at Gun Dog Whisperer, is encourages first by giving success and in the training process, they are trained by birds. They are taught by bird means while training, if the dog becomes pushy or starts flushing, the birds leave and he loses.

In this way, the dogs start learning what he should be doing and what are the things to avoid while hunting. He should be steadier as that works better and not flush or chase the birds. In that way he can fetch more birds. It is better than the other training methods involving hard training where they pressurize the dogs to do certain things and be obedient as in our way they themselves get to understand what they should be doing.

We have 6 years of experience on this field

At Gun Dog Whisperer, we have a lot of clients and train their dogs completely without using any kind of electric collar. It is mostly found in our country that the dogs trained are either too much independent and they lack any kind of co operation in the pack or they are trained without any consideration of being in a hunting drive.

The second type can be referred to as trained for hunting with the electric collars. In fact, the dogs that are trained in that way will not be able to hunt or become completely obedient until and unless they are wearing the electric collars while hunting. So, the owners have to make them wear the electric collars for making them obedient. We train the dogs to work or hunt without the use of electric collars and utilize their independent nature by making them understand what they have to do exactly.

What We Thrive For

We can train the dogs for hunting on foot, for wing shooting for the hunters, etc. We focus in utilizing the natural talents and the abilities in the dog which can be useful for hunting. We do this from the puppy stage where the pups get to learn the prey-predator relation. They are allowed to catch some until they become bold and confident. Then the dogs are made gun proof. We don’t want to make them too much obedient or dependent on the electric collars and believe in making them understand the right ways. So, we have high expectations from them and want them to make us feel proud.